1. Millions of Americans are looking for work, looking to meet new customers and find additional work opportunities.
  2. Millions of Americans sell a product or service or offer a product or service.
  3. A complete stranger can be standing right next to you that needs your services or you need theirs. But both of you have no idea.

iSawyah / Career Visible helps you be visible to the person next to you and get noticed…

This way you do not miss out on a potential work opportunity.

We create simple effective custom products that help you get noticed and help you find work.


  1. You leave your home and people are around you all the time. EVERYWHERE!
  2. Some of these people around you have work for you. But you are probably invisible to them so you get nothing.
  3. People with iSawyah / Career Visible products get noticed. Naturally.




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